In nearly every business, there is an increasing need to manage or work with a virtual or remote project team to get things done – Covid-19 situation only increasing this need. In many cases across multiple time zones and with individuals coming from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Whether you are working with team members located in other regions of the country, overseas, or with vendors, there are a number of challenges in managing and working with virtual project teams. I would like to share some of my tips and tricks on how you as a virtual project team leader meets these challenges to function as well as a co-located team.

Vinnie Kelp Vestergaard is a Sr. Project Manager currently working in Danske Bank. Vinnie has been working in the financial sector for more than 15 years and has for the past 8 years worked with development and implementation of strategic initiatives and projects at Nordic/national level. More details about Vinnie: Linkedin

Date and time:

Thursday, December 10th

Start: 17:30


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